Curtain Poles.

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Barsel | 15:34 Thu 11th Nov 2021 | Home & Garden
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I've never had curtain poles before, but have decided this would be easier for me than the curtain tracks I have.
I see they come in wood or metal and I wondered which is best?
Is one easier to pull the curtains on?


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We have curtain poles throughout the whole house, a mix of wooden and metal, and I don’t think there’s a significant difference. The metal ones are noisier but you only tend to draw curtain twice a day so that too isn’t significant in making the choice.
I buy whichever goes best in the room.
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Do they have different thickness's as well?
I want it for eyelet curtains.
I've had both metal and wooden, Barsel. They do come in different thicknesses. I've been happy with both but I avoid the metal ones that can be extended as the rings caught a bit on the join where one goes inside the other and that was annoying.
The wooden ones can sometimes, with age, stick slightly. Overcome this by rubbing with Vaseline or the like now and again.
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Thanks Gness, that's very helpful to know.
I was thinking also that if the wooden ones go a bit scratched or shabby, they could be painted, so I think I'll go for the wooden one.
I'd be wary of painting, Barsel. The eyelets tend to be fairly hefty and are more likely to scratch paint. Varnish maybe if needed but I've never had a problem with wooden ones wearing and looking shabby.
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Oh ok, thanks for that Gness.
The wooden ones I have are many years old and have never scratched or deteriorated.
A metal one I have in the dining room has become a little sort of rusty looking, which I quite like.
I have a white wooden one in one of the bedrooms, bought like that, and that’s still as good as the day it was bought.
I’d use a silicone spray or similar(furniture polish) or a drop of actual silicone if anything sticks.
I have fitted Chrome Poles in 4 rooms. There are indeed different thicknesses of pole. The Metal ones at least. You need to judge the width, drop, and curtain material when choosing. A very wide window with a drop to the floor, or longer than a modern window height and heavy curtains will need a heavier guage pole. Also look at your fixing point. Is it a solid wall, stud wall, or do you mean to use something loke an already placed wooden curtain batton that was fixed when the house was finished. If so you need to make sure that your fittings will mount on the woioden batton. Also note that a wide window sometimes needs a pole that is joined in the middle. Can be a mare without a bit of consideation before you buy.
An alternative to vaseline as a lubricant, a silicone based furniture polish does well I believe.
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//an already placed wooden curtain batton that was fixed when the house was finished//
Thanks for mentioning that Togo. I can't see it because it's what the roller blind is fitted to but yes there is.
Is that what I need to measure for the length of the curtain pole?
I was thinking of getting one that went the full length of the wall as it's an outside wall and because it's a patio door, it can be really cold in the winter.
Do these poles need to be fitted to a piece of wood on the wall then and not straight to the wall?
It is the bracket, that will carry the pole, which has to be fixed to either the wall or the wooden batten. So the dimensions of the bracket and the wooden batten have to be compatible. If you can fix direct to a wall it is a more secure fix. But you need to look at how much surface there is between the window head and the ceilin if the window is a wide one that needs a centre support. You can also fix to the ceiling joists, but no thanks as far asI am concerned as that is too much faff. Beware of making the pole too tight in a wall to wall configuration or you will find that you have to take the pole down every time you change the curtains if you are using curtains with rings instead of hoops. We hound the inbuilt curtain rings to be much better and changed to them one room at a time. "She who must be obeyed" drive me bleedin crackers with curtain swaps and changes and after thinking that I had done a job on it over the last couple of months we are back on the roundabout. The vertical blinds somehow all went out of fashion and passé overnight meaning that Venetian blinds are now on order for 4 windows. Eye watering prices.
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In the complex where I live, (retirement) most have vertical blinds, some of the older ones still have nets, but one neighbour has had venetian blinds fitted and to me they are just a dust trap.
I have someone to come and have a look at the job, so will ask his advice before I buy the pole.
Have decided on a white wooden one but still unsure which length.

//to me they are just a dust trap.//

I tried that argument Barsel and was advised to close my trap, seeing as I was not in the habit of dusting. :))
Haha Barsel, priceless. I will get it for her birthday which is exactly a week after the things are being fitted.
The curtain poles are now widely used in their replacement. Undoubtedly, both are excellent options, but it all depends on your needs and preferences, you may use one over the other.

Curtain poles play a significant role in your overall interior decor. Curtain poles not only serve as a decorative element but also it has great functionalities. That is why you must choose curtain poles for your curtains mindfully.
To make your decision a little bit easier, we come up with a blog post that would definitely help you make the right decision.

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