Cleaning A Coffee Jug

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bednobs | 20:24 Thu 28th Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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the inside of my coffee machine jug looks vile, but the opening is too small to allow effective cleaning.
any ideas?


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Bottle brush? Or perhaps something like bleach or false teeth cleaner?
On the other hand, what's wrong with a bit of staining? Was the west only won because the cowboys scrubbed their coffee pots?
Baking soda?
No bleach in any thing that holds food.
Bakihg soda sounds good.
Steradent is a frequently used solution to cleaning Thermos flasks, etc. I can think of no reason why it shouldn't also work in a coffee jug/machine (although, to be honest, I can't see that a bit of coffee staining would do any harm anyway).
The Cup Clean is very effective on tea cups. It fizzes away removing deposits and discoloration.
I presume it would work on coffee stains too.
They sell it at B&M as well as Wilko, and no doubt many other shops too.
Milton’s quite effective for getting stains out of things.
I use vanish and hot water then rinse really well
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It's not just stains it's residue
Yep, my suggestion will probably remove that. It fizzes and bubbles away so much that it climbs out if you overfill it.

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Cleaning A Coffee Jug

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