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Atheist | 19:06 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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Has anyone grown this plant? I tried it the first time this year and it grew well and produced lots of small (grape-sized) fruit which taste a bit like cucumber but with a sour lime-like tang.
They're OK in salads, but I liked them best chucked whole into vegetable stew or minestrone - little bursts of citrussy flavour.


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I tried them before i dont like them
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roadman, I'm not keen on them raw - bit too much crunchy skin and not enough succulent inside. But I do like to eat as much variety of veg as possible - all the little bits like radishes, spring onions, garlic, tomatoes, lettuce, rocket, cress, nasturtium leaves, parsley, kale, cavalo nero, cabbage, carrots, and so on. All very good for the gut.
Never tried cucamelon, but sound interesting.
You could add to your veg list baby sweetcorn (good in stir-fries, but also as a steamed veg), helda beans, Kalettes.
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Thanks, ginge. I prefer to eat stuff I can grow. Baby sweetcorn not easy in our tiny English garden. The others I don't know: what are they?
Helda beans are a type of runner bean- but guaranteed very tender and stringless. Kalettes are a fairly new thing - a cross between kale and largish sprouts with frilly leaves.
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ginge, can you get seeds for these? Don't worry, I can google them. Thanks for your advice.
I never tried them cooked or with something
No, but I once crossed a melon with a cauliflower & got melancholy

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