Can Matt And Silk Paint Be Mixed

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pastafreak | 15:36 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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I want to paint my tiny bathroom, but I'd only need about 1/3 of a 2.5 litre tin. I have a partial tin of silk that's a bit lighter than what I would like. Can I mix in a somewhat darker mat sample pot...or get the colour I want.


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Don't see why not providing they are both emulsions or other type of paint.
Try mixing a small amount of each and see if it works.
Di you already have the sample pots, if not couldn't you buy sample pots in silk?
Question Author
They are both water based...I should have mentioned that. Does anyone use anything else nowadays? ;)
I'll give a go to mixing a bit.
Question Author far as I can see...all the sample pots are the same, matt finish. This is in Wilko.
Nice colour, Wilko :-)
I'm going to be a bit pedantic here Pasta.

Yes emulsions can be mixed perfectly well.
But..... adding a small sample pot is possibly not going to do much for the colour. It'll probably just make it a bit "muddy".
What you really need is a colour pigment/tint.

Also........... with any colourants, you must mix the whole amount you need in one go. Otherwise, you'll never be able to "touch-up" any later damage.

Other than that: it's worth a shot :o)
Ah I didn't realise that Pasta :-)
If you have a Homebase near you, Pasta, they may still sell paint pigments in syringes. The one we had in Burnley used to sell these but it was a good few years back.
As The Builder says, be certain you have achieved the colour you desire so that some paint can be saved for those odd 'touch-ups'. Maybe add a little water to the two paints - both to facilitate a smooth mix and also to increase the volume a little.

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Can Matt And Silk Paint Be Mixed

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