Infestation Identification

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Dusty Bin | 15:23 Tue 28th Sep 2021 | Home & Garden
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Can you please help me identify the infestation I have found in the loft of a house I’m currently visiting?

I’d like to post a picture but how do I do this?


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Upload your photo to here

Copy the link that's provided and then post it in a thread here.
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Thanks. Hope this works…
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Here’s another
They look like the little bags that clothes moth larvae hatch from. See case making clothes moths.
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Thanks, but I don’t think they’re fly maggots nor woodworm. They’re not like segmented larvae and they’re all not moving. They are all white, sort of cocoon-like and a small proportion of them have something yellow emerging from one end. They’re smaller than a fingernail and they’re all over the wood not eating into it. I’ll try and post another picture but the resolution on my phone’s camera isn’t brilliant.
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Just seen your post re clothes moths. Thanks!
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When searching for case bearing clothes moths, an image appeared that linked to the following

This could be them!
At least it's only moths, although they are a devil to eradicate. Tell the owners to get all the carpets and clothes out the loft and inspect them carefully for moths and larvae.
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Thanks. Currently lifting all the mats in the loft ready for a clean out. Just the one owner of this property, a widow, whose husband used to look after such issues.

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Infestation Identification

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