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Bazile | 20:17 Mon 20th Sep 2021 | Home & Garden
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There is an aber on here who has access to the- Which Magazine - reports .

if you (or anyone else with access )are around would you mind checking to see if they have reported on the following models and if so , are they recommended by which?

H3T811IOX7 - Silver
H5T811IKH1 - Black



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Hi Bazile - it wasn’t me but I could only find H3T 811 IOX. Updated Jan 21
Which? verdict: Room for improvement
An excellent fridge and a poor freezer don't add up to a great fridge freezer.

* Chills rapidly
* Excellent temperature stability in warm and cold rooms
* Flame-retardant backing

* Sluggish freezer

Hope this helps.
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Thank you straydog

I noticed that the last number 7 ,is missing from the model number you have quoted ?

Also would you mind telling me the last Which magazine best buys for fridge freezers , please

I recently bought a Hisense from AO - £300 + delivery etc. Very happy with it so far.
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Thanks davebro
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//Also would you mind telling me the last Which magazine best buys for fridge freezers , please//

I meant to say ''...the
latest which which magazine report...''
The Which report omits the 7 from the Silver model you mention above.

The last Which review online for fridge freezers is 13 September 2021 so it may have been the Sept 2021 issue.
That's the date of my link above but obviously it isn't comprehensive enough.
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Thanks both

Yes the which report doesn't give you the name and model of their best buy , unless you subscribe
I never try to look at Which? Their reviews are comprehensive but you need to subscribe to get the full details. There are plenty of other reviews if you search for them.
Bazile, it is gingejbee who has access to Which.
You posted an email for the attention of gingejbee a while back LOL.

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