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maggiebee | 13:59 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Home & Garden
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Looking for a bit of advice. Want to change a small bedroom into an en-suite dressing room with toilet and washhand basin. Where do I start? Room is directly above existing bathroom. Would like to get things done in the correct order so any advice welcome.


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Ok Maggie. Thanks for the mention.
Since this is a public website, I'd better give it to you "by the book".

Officially, this work is "notifiable" to Local Building Control"
Part of the local Planning dept.
I would use a "Building notice" rather than having costly plans drawn up. Simple application form, then your builder liaises with the Building Inspector.
That's the official way. It is worth it because, if you sell, you'll be asked if anything's been done that should have been notified.

First thing is to get builder/plumber in to quote. To see if you still want to go ahead.
I guess you'll want a new doorway from your bedroom to the dressing room?
It all sounds pretty straightforward to me.
Electrician will be needed to wire in an extractor fan. Easier if you have an outside wall. He may need to move the light switch too.
Above existing bathroom is perfect. Location of WC may be dictated by the position of the soil stack (big poo pipe), or it may already go up through the room to the roof. Builder will advise.

That's enough for now. Discuss layout etc with whoever is quoting.
Keep us posted.
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Thanks you so much for this advice. "Building notice" is something that never even crossed my mind so I'll investigate.
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Thanks again for your advice The Builder. Have been in touch with my local council and found out that I do not need planning permission or indeed a building warrant. Additional info they gave:

"I confirm based on the information given below I confirm the works you do not require a Building Warrant. Please note however although works do not require warrant, they will require to comply.

Ensure that the required mechanical ventilation is installed within the sanitary provision and the relevant trickle ventilation is provided.

All sanitary pipework should be connected to the existing system and be installed in accordance with the guidance with the relevant testing carried out.

All in hand ready to go.

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