Can Anyone Recommend A Good Fly Killer Spray?

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Galaxy1965 | 19:54 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Home & Garden
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Can anyone recommend a good fly killer spray. I have tried Rapid Fly & Wasp Killer and Sanmex Fly & Wasp Killer and they have done nothing. I have had a couple of flies in my living room for days and they are driving me nuts, tried swatting them but they are too quick for me. Thanks in advance.


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Believe it or not we use Avon's Skin so Soft. A short squirt slows them down to swatting speed. We also wipe it around our window frames and it seems to deter them.
I got a battery fly swatter from the pound shop brilliant they are. Looks like a tennis racket.
75% of reviewers on Amazon give the Rentokil product a 4 or 5 star review. That increases to 95% when the criterion is reduced to 'at least three stars'. So it's possibly worth a try: User Recommendation?th=1

However I prefer not to kill flies. I've never had a problem of getting rid of them by simply opening a window and waiting for them to find their own way out. (My method is not only more humane but cheaper too!)
I can't adapt this quickly to 'Chris was with Rentokil'......
Frugal fly defenestration, Chris ...
Get a Fly Screen and never let another one in, ever. Much better than squirting poisons into the air. So many to choose from for windows and doors. User Recommendation

How do you open the windows and doors with fly screens?
Using the handles, Barry.

Raid sorts them out.
Aren't the handles behind the flyscreen?
What about a venus fly trap? They seem to be 100% effective.
You either slide or push aside the screen to operate the handle, it's not as if you'll be doing it every five minutes innit.

Anyway, they come with full instructions in an assortment of languages.

Pease note that the above is for proles who don't have staff to deal with insect-related incidents. X :-)
Raid fly killer - follow the instructions.

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Can Anyone Recommend A Good Fly Killer Spray?

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