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smurfchops | 15:27 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Home & Garden
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Is anyone else having problems with their Tesco password??. I have had to change mine three times this weekend, and when I try to log in again it says it isn’t recognised.


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No problem with my password.
Try clearing your web browser's cache. (That can often resolve such problems).

If you need instructions, please tell us which browser you're using.
Question Author
Safari Chris. Thank you.
Question Author
Thanks Chris, tried this, still won’t accept password. Every time I change it I can get in, then when I try again it won’t accept it.
If possible, try using a different device. (e.g. if you've been using an iPad, try from a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer).

If the problem then vanishes, you'll know that the problem lies with your original device (or with Safari on that device).

If the problem persists, then clearly it's a fault with Tesco's system, meaning that you'll need to contact their customer service team to get it sorted out.
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Thanks Chris, tried on my mobile…. Doesn’t work! Will ring Tesco.
Set it to save your password.
Question Author
I don’t even get that far, it just says it’s unrecognisable.
Does it not give you a forgotten password reset option?
Question AuthorI don’t even get that far, it just says it’s unrecognisable.

Know the feelig, smurfchps. follow ummmm's advice.

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