How to clean a burnt saucepan?

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Plocket | 08:43 Fri 09th Dec 2005 | Home & Garden
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I burned the bottom of a saucepan recently (luckily the scouse was ok!) and despite soaking there are still a few burnt bits at the bottom of the pan. Scrubbing doesn't seem to remove them - can anyone offer any further suggestions for me?


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Soak it overnight in hot VERY salty water - I mean it will be hot when you start, then leave it to stand and then use a non-stick scouring pad
You may have damaged the non stick coating but try Mr Muscle Oven cleaner.
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Oooh I should have said - it's a stainless steel pan and doesn't have a non-stick coating!

Boil up some water in the saucepan, add some soda crystals, bring back to the boil, remove from the heat and leave to cool. Then pour away the soda-ey water and the muck should come away easily.

whats scouse?
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Scouse is a DELICIOUS stew sort of thing that my Liverpudlian husband makes: shin beef stewed up with vegetables (potato and carrot mostly I think) and pearl barley. Real winter food!
I want some

put some boiling water and a half cup of vinegar in it and simmer for a wee while. This worked for my stainless steel frying pan!

stew some rhubarb - it works brilliantly
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Eeeek!!!!! No thanks!!!!!!
I saw on tv last week,that if you boil up a little biological washing powder and water,and leave overnight,it should do the trick.
a friend of mine was always told to leave it at the bottom of the garden for the fairies to clean, she was horrified to find out eventually it was the snails and slugs eating it clean :) - doubt you'll want to try that though sorry
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Jules I love your suggestion - or at least my daughter would! Luckily I've managed to get my pan clean by soaking it in very hot salty water!!!
I would of said some vanish and pour some very hot water on it. I learnt this from accident when I made some up to put on clothes staines, I left it in a cup for a few minutes and when I came back it was frothing up and totally cleaned every stain from my cup.
I have just tried boiling water and then adding soda crystals to my large pressure cooker to try and remove the solid black burnt bottom. It was amazing the black burnt stuff at the bottom of the pan just came away really easily after only 5 minutes. I have been soaking the pan for a couple of days previously but it was impossible to remove. So thank you ursula62.

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How to clean a burnt saucepan?

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