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jennyjoan | 17:02 Thu 24th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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Maxie for the first time has peed on my comfortable mattress. I have tried everything today but I cannot get the ring off.

I rang Dreams re a new one and the mattress alone is £399. Don't want to pay that.

Any help please. The lady in the shop did say "take the cover off and so I said "oh is there a zip". but there is definitely no zip.

Mine is not the real macoy Memory foam but Apex foam (whatever that it is).


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If there is a zip they are often well hidden in a side seam.

Is it more the sight of the mark that bothers you or is there still a residual smell?
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couldn't live with the mark
wont there be a sheet on it so you wont see it?
if you do decide to get another one, dreams do an insurance cover for eventualities like this that you could consider
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had a good look again with the good reading glasses, no zip - just all stitching.
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wish I could have got the insurance cover before as it takes me forever to get used to a new bed.

I'm just wondering would my contents insurance cover it.
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would a dry cleaning firm take on a double mattress, I tried ringing today but they off
if it suits you (and is not wet/smelly) couldnt you just put a new sheet on it?
Have you tried scrubbing it with hot water and washing powder?
Can you get someone to help you turn it over. What have you tried to clean it with. A pre wash spray left on for 30 mins and then dab off with cloth soaked in water
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yes MM - and because it is spongey - it is soaking more - a disaster.

bednobs - I sorta would feel that I am lying on a "p!ssy ie it would me feel dirty.
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cal - that's the bad thing too - the foam "proper" way of lying on the bed is only that one side. The other side is not for lying on.
See if any of your friends have a vax and use that on it
try a little bleach then go over the patch with a steam iron and absorbent towel
then get a water proof mattress protector

There are sprays for the purpose of killing any bacteria and removing pet accident smells. The above is one example but you could probably find others on Amazon. I found the sprays very useful when my elderly cat was incontinent.
Buy a good quality mattress topper so you will be lying with that under the sheet and not the mattress. Be wasteful to throw a comfortable, good mattress out.
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barry - I had a topper on it as well but it went through that.

Called over to Dreams and their Apex mattress no longer making them.

I just love this mattress.

What are your thoughts - I was going to bring it outside when it is a dry enough day and wash it all over with lots of suds and then hose it through and then dance on it LOL - like grapes making more wine - then I can get drunk.

I have another bed to lie on it but I hate it.
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carrot - I don't believe they work.
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then I thought - we have some industrial washing machine near me - throw it in there and give it a gentle wash and hardly no spin and gently dry it.
you can't machine was a whole mattress.

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