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smurfchops | 19:24 Sat 19th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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Need one just for spare room ( for hubby watching football, that type of thing). Are there any makes to steer clear of? Don’t need Sky, just Freeview.


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There have been countless posts here, over the years, about choosing TV sets. Lots of people have brands that by swear by (or, occasionally, swear at) but there seems to be no universally popular first choice. My own opinion is that, unless you're looking for the absolutely finest quality picture (where you'd need scientific measuring devices to discern the difference from similar rival brands), almost any of the big names, and quite a few of the lesser-known ones too, are perfectly adequate for most people's needs.

One thing that is widely agreed upon here though is that Richer Sounds is a first rate company, with excellent products and service, as well as highly competitive pricing.

For a telly in a spare room (unless you live in a baronial hall, with massive spare rooms!), and where only one person will be watching most of the time, a 24" screen should be perfectly adequate. One little extra that you might want to see in the set though, is 'smart' capability, meaning that Mr Smurf can watch footy on iPlayer, etc, as well as on live TV.

With those factors in mind, I'd be looking at this, from LG:

If Mr Smurf would prefer a larger (28") screen, although I don't think that it's really necessary, I'd opt for this, from the same manufacturer:

Neither of those sets is 'HD' though. (They're both 'HD ready, which means that they can display an HD signal from an external device, such as a Blu-Ray player, but there's only an SD Freeview tuner built into the set). If Mr Smurf wants to watch his footy in HD, this 32" smart TV, from Toshiba, is an absolutely cracking bargain:
I would stay away from the brand technika I had to throw mine out first the remote control stopped working and then the tv itself was stuck on standby.
^^^ Technika isn't actually a manufacturer of TV sets.

Major UK retailers buy in electronic products from a variety of manufacturers and then put their own badging on them. So, for example, Currys PC World buys TVs and other goods from several different manufacturers and sticks the 'Logik' brand name on all of them. Argos does the same (quite possibly buying the same products from the same manufacturers) but badges their products with the 'Bush' brand. Asda follows suit, with the 'Polaroid' brand name.

Tesco uses the same marketing strategy but labels their electronic goods with the 'Technika' brand name. (Their TV sets are, I believe, actually manufacturer by a Turkish company called Vestel. They're one of the three biggest TV manufacturers but you'll never see that company's name on any of their sets. They all get rebranded by the firms who buy them, who might well include some of the other firms I've mentioned above).
I think all TVs are much of a muchness now. OH bought a Sharp TV for the master bedroom but I've no clue how good it is yet.
We bought this at the beginning of the year and we are very impressed.
LG 49UN71006LB 49 Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview HD/Freesat HD - Ceramic Black colour (2020 Model) with Alexa built-in User Recommendation
I'd endorse Chris's choice 2 of them here...the 24 and then the 32 - so for a bedroom 24 or 28 - they have a nice colour balance.....

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