Neighbours Unhealthy Looking Tree.

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Jenarry | 21:27 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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There’s quite a big tree in my neighbours garden that overhangs in to our garden .it’s looking increasing diseased over the past couple of years and to my amateur eye it looks like it needs chopping down . We’re having a problem with pests in our garden attacking our cherry tree and fruit /rose bushes especially the ones on that side of the garden .
Could it be the diseased tree causing this? ...


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chop it off, lob it over.
Just to clarify what Seventy3 said, you're legally entitled to chop off any branches that overhang onto your side of the fence.
You can inform him of what you're doing, but you don't need his permission.
Just make sure you offer the cuttings back to your neighbour, as they remain his property. If he says he doesn't want them back, then you can just dispose of them as you wish.
Is it an Elm?
Question Author
I’m not sure what it is .
it is quite big and tall so i think cutting it back from our garden isn’t an option. :/
I would think you need to have a word with your neighbour.
It needs an expert to make an inspection and assessment of the tree.
For health and safety reasons, the landowner has a responsibility and duty of care to make sure it is safe.
Start by reporting it to your local planning officer / tree officer to raise your concerns
Chipchopper round me, the Council Tree officer is only interested if the tree has a TPO on it. There's not enough info in your post. The place to start is with the neighbour. You say you have an amateur eye, well that's fine, so do I. What makes you say it looks diseased and what sort of tree is it? What pests are on your own plants? Yes you can remove any overhang but I advise you to take care of your relationship with your neighbour and talk to them first.
Before we cut one of our trees the council officer came, looked at the tree. Gave us a form to keep to prove to anyone who asked that we could cut it as necessary. He also looked at all the other trees and told us which ones could be cut without him coming back
"Could it be the diseased tree causing this?"

Probably not - identify the pests & apply a suitable insecticide.

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Neighbours Unhealthy Looking Tree.

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