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wrayperson | 13:28 Sat 12th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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We planted lots of wild flower seeds ,but there is no sign of any in the garden..does anyone know why this will be?


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I have planted some wildflowers in a tub using beebombs and it was ages before there was any sign of flowers.
They take ages, are meant to be native to the area planted and might be very small until well established
bee bombs...wildflower seeds....scatter tubes are all the same. If the place you planted them is not what the plants need, then they won't grow.
Woofie, I spread them in a tub with well prepared soil.
Mine haven't appeared yet either. It did say two years on the packet so there is still hope - unless the birds have eaten them!
I used a bee bomb last year and was disappointed at how few came up.

This year I've bought packets of wildflower seeds and they're thriving, although not in flower yet. My only problem at this stage is identifying the difference between wildflowers and weeds.

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Wildflower Meado

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