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KARL | 11:30 Fri 11th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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I have tried, without success, to find the lowest available daily/standing charge available for analogue meter supply, gas and/or electricity. Does anyone here know ?


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I think a number of suppliers have zero standing charge tariffs, dunno if they work out cheaper for regular users...
When Ofgem forced energy firms to drastically reduce the number of different tariffs they offered (in an attempt to help consumers by making things easier to understand), many suppliers chose to abandon tariffs that had no standing charge. So they're now exceptionally difficult to find. According to the Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert website, there are just two remaining. See here:
We are with E.on fix online v59. The standing charge is only 10p per day per fuel. Don't know if it is still on offer to new customers though. We got it via
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Thanks to Chris: The info is out of date as I was on Ebico and checked Utilita a year ago. The former now has a standing charge and Utilita insist on a smart meter.
Thanks to Dagman: That rate stopped being available last September.
Any suggestions as to which supplier has the lowest standing/daily charge ?
E.on's lowest standing charge for electricity (for new customers and based upon my own postcode) is 19.09p/day. That's available with their Next Online v5 tariff and also Climate Positive v2.

It might be simplest just to use a price comparison site. You'll obviously be searching for the lowest overall price (rather than specifically for a low standing charge) but, if you tell the system that you're currently using very little energy, it should result in you being offered tariffs that have low standing charges anyway.

A list of all Ofgem approved price comparison sites can be found here:

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Daily Charge

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