Wormery - Getting Started

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shivvy | 16:50 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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I have a wormery which is made up of 3 or trays with a tap on the bottom one.
What is my best way to start using it ie getting it established. I tried it once before but it seemed at attract a lot of slugs, the food etc didn't seem to get broken down very much, and the worms eventually dwindled and disappeared/died.
I think i followed all the instructions about what to put in to it and how much etc. But I'd like to start again so all help welcome.


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Good luck with that shivvy. I am paying £17+ weekly for my live meal worms. Seems there is plenty of money in it if you succeed.
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Money in it ladybirder?? I'm just looking for a good way to dispose of kitchen scraps and maybe a wee bit of of liquid fertiliser if i'm lucky!!
Turning it over, with a fork, regularly will speed up decomposition.

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Wormery - Getting Started

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