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Barsel | 12:41 Tue 08th Jun 2021 | Home & Garden
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I live in a housing association property and all the doors and windows were replaced on our estate about 5 or 6 years ago.
The properties on the other side of the road have the sun on them all day, and this has badly discoloured/faded them.
One of the ladies is a friend of mine and she asked me to contact the Housing Association to ask if her door can be painted.
I do things like this for her as she is 91 yrs old and very hard of hearing plus she doesn't have the internet.
I emailed our property manager and she said it can't be done as these type of doors can't be painted.
Is this true?
If they can be treated, could you let me know what is used on them please?


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Property Manager ? Pah!

"One of the easiest ones to use is our Dulux Weathershield Multi-Surface paint. You can apply it directly to your uPVC door without the need for a primer. Plus, it guarantees to give you 6 years of weather protection, to keep your uPVC door looking great for longer."
As long as the surface isn't white (as there needs to be colour present for the stuff to work with), the internet is full of praise for Polytrol. (The praise is spread across far too many independent websites to be derived solely from fake reviews).

See here for a demonstration of its properties:
We have lots of UPVC front doors around here, facing the sun, been in 20 odd years - none of them are discoloured. Could it be that the discolouration is from air pollution (and could be cleaned off) rather than sun damage?
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Thanks guys, I'll put your suggestions to our property manager.
Dave, no, definitely faded. This lady is very particular and has a cleaning lady so I'm sure she would have asked her if it was just grubby.
Also, someone from the maintenance dept came out to look at it and he was the one who told our property manager it couldn't be done.
Does make you wonder how some people manage to get these jobs!
What colour are the doors now? In my head ipvc doors are white
You definitely can paint upvc doors, it isn't always advised but the key is to use the correct paint in order for it to withstand the elements. I'd first prep it give it a good clean and then use a light key to sand it down. Then personally I'd use Zinsser Allcoat as you don't need to use a primer.

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