Advice Please On Best Wooden Garden Shed And Supplier.

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ladybirder | 10:23 Thu 20th May 2021 | Home & Garden
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My old wooden shed needs dismantling and removing then a new one installed. It must be wood but which wood is best, strongest and lasts longest? I want an 8' x 6' or 7' x 5' with the door in the middle of the long side and would prefer glass windows but could compromise on that. A good supplier is essential but so many get bad customer reviews I am wary.
TB are you around? You're needed.
I've looked through my old Which magazines for their Best Buy but can't find any Garden Shed reviews. Unfortunately.
Any advice guys and gals please?


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Depends very much on where you live - they tend to be local companies.
We ordered our latest one from Tiger Sheds in Leeds. On the site they look good and talk the talk but that is as far as it gets. Many bits either broken or missing when it arrived and customer service is next to non existent and if you do manage to get through they promise to help but then nothing. They only put good reviews on the site. Any others are disregarded. A good local company would be best I expect and they would take down the old one for a price I would think.
I would recommend Western Red Cedar, as the most durable wood.
I have to agree with the others LB, about someone local. Preferably from recommendation.
That's the difficult bit.
Timber sheds are generally made from tanalised timber... "treated" timber. If good quality, it would see us all out ;o)

The problem often lies, not in the timber, but the construction. They use timber with small sections (overall sizes and thicknesses.) Plus, they are often stapled together.......... rather too cheaply.

The only sheds I've had anything to do with have been ones I've built myself. If you want a properly pukka construction, then it would be worthwhile asking locally for quotations to build one for you.
Any good builder/handyman/confident DIY-er could do it.

Technical (i.e. "too much information" alert!)
A frame of treated 4x2 timber.
Clad with "feather-edged" board (as per good quality fencing.)
Proper Door/gate from a Builders' Merchants.
Cheap f/edged board is usually cut from 6x1. This finishes at around 3/4 of an inch one end, to almost nothing at the other.
It can be ok, but usually doesn't last.
F/edged cut from thicker timber is vastly better.

I'm only giving you all this technical guff so you can appear knowledgeable to whoever's quoting.
It'll cost more of course, because of the labour, but perhaps give it a thought.
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Thank you everybody for your replies. I'm cross-eyed from look and reading stuff about sheds since I got up this morning. The big companies don't usually install and remove old so yes, it has to be local. So I'll start searching for a good local company and thank you TB, I shall have your answer in front of me when I'm negotiating a deal. Oh and BTW, got tickets for the RoH in July to see la Boheme, again;-)). And Cosi is coming to Glyndebourne this summer Yay.
Actually.. I was almost at the RoH once. Well, it was at my local Picturehouse... live relay. That's the nearest I've been to it ;o(

I think I may have mentioned before that I saw a production of Cosi in the garden of a stately home once. It was The Garden Opera Company.
Picnic and Bolly too ;o)))

I don't particularly believe in "bucket lists", but I might make an exception for Glyndebourne.
Try Billy Ho sheds
Question Author
TB because of lifted restrictions Glyndebourne will be releasing more seats for sale. Bookings will open on 20th June for Cosi after all the Members have had their fill. You could wait years before Cosi and Glyndebourne come together again ...
Dusty thank you but I've just checked them out but they have terrible reviews.

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Advice Please On Best Wooden Garden Shed And Supplier.

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