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jennyjoan | 22:57 Mon 03rd May 2021 | Home & Garden
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Initially it was my tree/climber (don't know the name of it), but it has grew and grew along my side of the fence and my neighbour's side too. Then it climbs along the walls of both mine and neighbour wall. I got a handyman out who cut the very thick "tree" like on my side. However branches keep on growing and my neighbour doesn't care about it growing on the "house" wall. However I do and so over the course of time and years I have managed to stop it from growing up the walls literally by pulling it off the walls.

Is there anything I could buy to stop it from climbing etc.


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Likely, it needs to be tackled at the roots to get it to stop growing. Got to pull the roots out of the ground.
jj rather than digging you can buy stump killer. An example with no recommendation, but plenty on the market. User Recommendation
Does it flower, JJ?
Does the tree / shrub solely belong to you?
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it is my tree (unfortunately) and whilst I'm calling it a tree - it is probably ivy. There is a very very thick stump left on my side but whilst I manage to keep my fence sorta free of it - it keeps on growing on neighbour's side. Worst thing I have ever done.

Spide - couldn't pull "roots" as it is thickness of a small tree now. No it doesn't flower.
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I probably need like industrial stuff. Now where could I buy that.
Jj they all contain similar chemicals. Drill a few holes in the stump, then apply and wait, it will take a while but certainly will not regrow or sprout again.
If you have a mature ivy such as mine, it should be in flower now.
It is a great benefit to wildlife.
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thanks but I don't want it to climb on my walls for fear of damp and also I do not like greenery on my house walls.

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Climbing Tree

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