What Herbs Can Be Planted Together?

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ummmm | 12:32 Thu 29th Apr 2021 | Home & Garden
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And which ones should be on their own?


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Always keep mint separate.
Main thing to remember is to grow the herbs together that require the same soil conditions and moisture levels.
Also, sage and rosemary need their own space...grow tarragon in a large pot that can be sheltered in Winter. Basil is best indoors and don't bother with runs to seed way too soon!
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Oh no. I really wanted coriander.

Thanks for your help. It's my OH's new hobby, that I decided he was taking up :-)

He doesn't mind. It might get him round to finally doing the garden.
DO bother with corriander is my advice
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I've already got the coriander seeds so I'll give it a bash.
Re coriander...I've found that buying a large bag of cut fresh coriander is a better bet. You really need quite large amounts and if you try growing it you'll find you'll need to use it all for one recipe...if it hasn't gone to seed before you need it. Just my personal experience!
I had no luck at all with coriander seeds, last year. I must just get a couple of plants from Tesco and plant them up.

If you do grow mint, keep it in a pot. If you put it in the ground it'll pop up everywhere.
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Ginge - I always end up chucking it out. I know it lasts longer if you put it in water. I do have the frozen stuff on standby, not bad considering. of luck with it. We have lots of different herbs (including dill, chervil, oregano, sweet cicely etc) - but coriander has always been a big disappointment!
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Annoying. I really like coriander.
Your Answer...Try planting some Tagetes for detering whitefly and attracting pollinators + hover flies that will eat the bad bugs.

Google "Companion planting herbs" for a huge list of good companions.

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What Herbs Can Be Planted Together?

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