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carolminniemouse | 23:47 Wed 28th Apr 2021 | Home & Garden
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Is there anything I can use on my fake leather handbag to make it less "plastic" looking?


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Glue a sheet of leather to it?
Bin it!!
If you want to take the shine off it rub it down with some fine wire wool. Try it on a small hidden part first!
BTW - did you ever move to a park home & if so, how is it working out?
PS. The finish on your bag will only be a thin coating so you could rub it all off & ruin it!
Fake leather is polyurathane over fabric:

...”Clean polyurethane fabric by cleaning the area with a microfiber cloth, treating the fabric with a polyurethane-safe cleaner, using rubbing alcohol for stubborn stains and rinsing the fabric with soapy water. You need an all-purpose cleaner or hairspray, a micrbofiber cloth, rubbing alcohol, soap and water”...

Check youtube to remove polyurathane

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Fake Leather

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