Unable To Get Key Out Of Upvc Porch Door

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appreciative | 16:20 Wed 28th Apr 2021 | Home & Garden
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When unlocked cannot remove key out of multi-lock on UPVC porch door. When locked key removes easily as usual. Has anyone got and advice please.
Thanking you in anticipation of kind assistance.

Kindest regards to all,


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No idea but just curious as to why you would want to take the key out when the door’s unlocked.
Sounds like a good idea/feature to me - visual reminder to lock it.
Try this: lift the door handle as high as possible, hold it there, then try to pull the key out.
What if it's on the outside? Someone could lock you in and pinch it and come back later.
Seriously, does to make any difference if you hold the handle up while trying to remove it?
Turn the key through 180° and try again. If it is still stuck .. I normally would never suggest this, but as a last resort squirt some wd40 into the keyhole around the key. Tap the key with the handle of a screwdriver (not a hammer). Try pulling the key in and out again. If it still hasn't released, get a pair of pliers and try pulling it again.
What has happened is the tumblers in the lock have stuck.
If you still cant release it, the safest thing to do is replace the cylinder .. don't worry it is not difficult. Let us know how you get on.
/// Someone could lock you in and pinch it and come back later. ///

Good point lb, hadn't thought of that.
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Thank you for those who have answered. To explain why you want to remove keys: When you open the porch in a morning you need to remove the keys so no-one else can remove them and take them away, you also need the bunch of keys for other uses and of course it means you cannot shut the doors so door is blowing open all day. Any advice would be welcomed please. Thank you
We had a similar problem with our almost new front door. It had malfunctioned inside so it was half a key turn out if position.

Our landlord (the developer) called in the locksmiths. (The original company who fitted it had ceased trading) The locksmith changed the whole mechanism, lock and all.
Couldn't begin to guess how many times I have been called to a burglary where the victims own keys have been used to gain entry.

That reminds me of a burglary I got called to .. where the lady was having a bath while the burglar let them selves in. .. perhaps when I have more time?
Changing the lock on these doors is a quick and simple process - all you need is a screwdriver. Replacement locks are available from eg, Amazon but you need to remove the old one and take measurements from it before you can buy a replacement. Perhaps it worth you doing that.
^yes, I've changed all the lock cylinders for better quality/spec ones. You're looking for "euro profile" or Screwfix have a good selection. As bhg says, imperative to remove the old one first to take measurements...
Sounds like a faulty lock.
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Thank you to all for help. I thought it wise after your advice to fit a new lock so started to dismantle and got as far removing handles and finally getting retaining pin out but unfortunately whilst the barrel is loose I cannot get this out of door??? BUT I can now lock door and remove key (as before) and also open and remove key (that I couldn't). So I started to reassemble lock but retainer screw (45 ml long will no longer screw home. Have been trying to purchase a new one (anyone know where is best) but would prefer to get barrel out and replace same. Any advice and sorry for being a nuisance. Thank you
With the retainer screw out you put the key in the lock and rotate it, I cant remember exactly how much but about 45deg or more, and then the barrel will pull out with the key.

When you look at the cylinder .. imagine it as a clock face. If you turn the key to '10 past' and wiggle the cylinder it will come out.

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Unable To Get Key Out Of Upvc Porch Door

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