Stained Our New Sandstone Flags, Help!!

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grandpajoe | 20:13 Sun 18th Apr 2021 | Home & Garden
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Our rear yard was paved with rather lovely sandstone flags last October. Muggins has dripped olive oil in a few places and the wife is not happy!! I want to seal the flags when the weather warms up so have got a couple of week to try and remove the stains. Any thoughts on what will get the stains off. Chris


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Neat washing up liquid, let stand a while then use a brush in a circular motion then a warm rinse.
Suggestion 1 (found by a web search):
"Make a Cornflour Paste:
1. Gradually mix cornflour with water until it makes a thick paste.
2. Apply a generous layer to the stain and cover it with cling film.
3. Tape the film to the floor to stop it from moving and poke a few holes in the top with a toothpick to ensure that air can get to the paste.
4. Wait for the paste to dry, which can take from six hours to 24 hours depending on the size of the area.
5. Once the paste has dried, brush it away or use a pressure washer, keeping the nozzle at least 2 feet away from the slab.
6. If the stain isn’t gone, simply repeat the process!"

Suggestion 2:
Use a professional product:

Suggestion 3:
Find a good divorce lawyer ;-)
I dropped red wine on my future in-laws brand new expensive polished sandstone patio about 18 years ago, they still make comments about it now (even though they managed to get it out).

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Stained Our New Sandstone Flags, Help!!

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