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Ric.ror | 10:42 Sun 07th Mar 2021 | Home & Garden
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I have several one year old lemon tree plants - they have quite a few leaves on them all along the stem. As I intend to keep them in pots would I be better off removing the lower leaves which I am hoping will encourage growth upwards and allow the roots to concentrate on nourishing the upward growth and the few remains upper leaves, or should I just leave them. The plants are between 8 - 10 inches and have between 8 - 15 leaves on.
I might add I water once a week with added citrus feed in the water

Thanks in anticipation


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I am not an expert on plants but bear in mind that the leaves are used to collect energy (light) and convert CO2 into cellulose cell material, so I would be loath to remove them.
I have one about 7 years old and it's 5 feet high - personally I'd leave the bottom leaves alone, as it grows and the stem thickens they will drop off naturally anyway. Mine is a single plant grown from a pip and living in a conservatory so I'm not ever expecting it to flower.
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All mine are from pips from an organic lemon
I don’t expect they will fruit but I understand they are still quite fragrant
I also have two lime tree plants but I bought them from eBay - they doing ok too

Thank you for your replies- I won’t ‘deleaf’

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Lemon Tree Plants

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