Buying Bulbs Online!!

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Smowball | 16:00 Mon 15th Feb 2021 | Home & Garden
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Seeing as our garden centres still appear to be shut - has anyone ever bought flower bulbs online? And were they successful?? I need to do something lol.....


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Are you sure the garden centres are closed? All the ones around us are open and have been through much of the lockdown - our only source of 'entertainment' round here. (Cheshire)
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Our local one seems to be shut, so was just thinking of buying a few online?
I think garden centres are open, too. Give your local one a ring.
I think B&M and Home Bargains sell bulbs too. I have also seen some in Poundland in the past.
Waitrose sells bulbs and I bet other supermarkets do as well Smow.
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Just want to get into the garden lol
I thought most spring bulbs were planted in the Autumn, September/October time, right up until yesterday my garden was covered in four inches of snow and the ground would have needed a hammer and chisel for planting!
yes and yes
Summer-flowering bulbs it is then ;)

All my spring bulbs are well up in the garden now.
You want to go pottering about in the garden in this weather ?

Are you a masochist ?
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Yesterday -5. Today 10 degrees. Bizarre!! Lol
Ideal World
Thomson & Morgan
Garden Bargains

to name but a few sources
Parkers are an online bulb specialist, they send me emails on a daily basis.
The garden centres are closed in Wales. Asked the question in my local WHATS discount store he said their garden centre was closed due to customer safety due to the icy weather, but would open when weather improved.
B & Q have been open throughout the pandemic as they're classified as an essential retailer. Plenty of bulbs in my two local ones
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Thankyou guys x

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Buying Bulbs Online!!

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