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Bazile | 12:39 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Home & Garden
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I've got a 3000W DeLonghi electric heater , which can also provide cool air

Does anyone know how you would work out the running costs per hour ?


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That is 3KW. Check your electricity bill and you will how much they charge you for 1KW. Multiply that by 3 and add 5% VAT - that will be the maximum cost per hour
If it's on full as a heater it will use 3 kilowatt hours per hour. A kwh costs approx 17p (varies a bit) so about 50 pence per hour.

If it's just blowing cold air the cost will be much less.
I'm guessing you're just looking for approximate figures.
It's a 3KW heater so, if you look at how much /KWH you electricity costs in p/hour and multiply by 3 that will give you a rough cost for running it as a heater - probably around 45p/hour.
As a cooling fan it will probably be about 40watt, so less than 1p /hour.
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Thanks all

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Electric Heater

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