Shelf Bracket Problems

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jadyn | 23:54 Sun 10th Jan 2021 | Home & Garden
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I've a problem with a set of shelf brackets that I have no idea how to resolve and I'd be very grateful for any help you good people can give.

I have a fireplace that's been boarded up with OSB board (Sterling Board?) apart from a section in which a flame-effect fire sits on the hearth. Just above the area, I have a plate glass shelf that measures about 75cm long by 15cm deep supported by two brackets, one at either end. The bracket type is called a Form Rest when I've looked online in B&Q, but a similar type is sold by Screwfix:

I've a fairly heavy cabinet-doored mantel clock sitting on the shelf. In recent weeks, the clock door has opened now and again on its own for no apparent reason. After checking for poltergeists, I've discovered that the shelf is actually sloping downwards with the front lower than the back. I've no doubt now that the slope is causing the clock door to open. The slope is not serious enough for the clock and other stuff to fall off but I'd like to put it right. I've put a spirit level on the shelf and it's virtually horizontal but the spirit level on the OSB shows that it's not 90 degrees vertical to the hearth with the top (against the ceiling) further out into the room than the bottom of the OSB. Undoubtedly, this is why the shelf is sloping.

My question is how can I put this right? I can't see a way this type of bracket could be padded out to take out the slope on the glass. I need a decorative, discreet bracket there so I can't just fit a cheap pair of L-shaped brackets and bend the arm. The glass also has no holes to attach it to that type of bracket.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.


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If the slope is not too great, especially as other objects are not affected, I would suggest putting a couple of felt pads, or something similar, under the front of the clock to level it up:

The easiest solution is to put a small blob of blu-tac in the clock door to hold it shut.
Other than that, I would try removing the brackets,place them on some card (Thick cardboard box ) draw round them ,cut in half, throw away top half, place bottom half behind bracket and screw back on wall,it may push it forward a little and level up the shelf.
Another solution might be to carefully chisel out a sloping shallow depression in the board to take the bracket (i.e. the shallow depression will be 0mm deep at the bottom and say 0.1mm deep at the top, whatever it takes to make it vertically accurate). Not easy with OSB though, so Sparkle's solution might be better.
Another option to Sparkles idea is a metal washer between the bottom screw and the board and fill the small gap.
Have you checked that both the screws in the brackets are fully done up. If you take the shelf down then put it back and make sure they are tight. You could also try putting the shelf in the other way around if that is possible. I have this type of shelf and when I first fitted them it didn't seem that straight so I took shelf out of them and then put them back and they then seemed much better. Worth a try.
Put some kind on shim at the front of both brackets so the shelf is on top of it. This should change the angle from the back of the bracket to the front, hopefully leveling the shelf itself up. Suggest using cloth or felt.
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Thank you all for your advice. I'll take a closer look at it this morning and decide what to do. I'm very grateful.
Its a fairly simple solution. You have a OSB board to screw into.. Therefore it is guaranteed to be a good solid fixing..
The brackets have only one fixing hole.. Lay the bracket on some card (don't use cardboard, it will compress). Mark around your bracket and cut half a dozen squres, only as wide as the back plate of your bracket.
Now refit they bracket, only partially securing it.
Slide one of your squares under each bracket, then fully secure your bracket. Pop the shelf in and check with a spirit level. Just keep adding the card squares until you get it level...
Don't use anything other than a thin rigid card. Otherwise the weight of the clock will act as a lever and tilt the shelf.
Five minutes.. that's more than enough time to do it!

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Shelf Bracket Problems

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