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tamborine | 23:29 Wed 23rd Dec 2020 | Home & Garden
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Ive got 2 freezers & 2 fridges. Only 1 upright freezer is 20+y while others 5y. Am worried about fire risk as they work 24/7 indoors. The report below says they can combust in seconds.

Bearing in mind this caused the Grenfell disaster, where do you keep your f&f & how can this risk be eliminated?


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Quotes from your link:

"Two samples were subjected to an open flame and caught fire after 10 seconds".

"Which? has also said that such appliances do not generally cause a fire to start, although they can help it to spread".

As I read it, that means that the risk of a fridge catching fire on its own is extremely low. The real risk (if there is one) is that the backs of some fridges can go up in flames very quickly if subjected to a flame for 10 seconds. When you think about it, much the same probably applies to a lot of things in your home, such as your clothes, your linens and (in particular) your curtains. Are you planning on getting rid of all of them?
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I missed the open flame bit - phew thats a relief as no open flames near.

I was seriously considering putting a 3amp fuse in the plug. Anyway thanx Chris, now I can sleep. Happy xmas to you and your cats x

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Fridges & Freezers

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