Help Needed With Shower Please.

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Barsel | 12:25 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Home & Garden
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When I was half way through having a shower today, the water stopped and 2 red lights began to beep. One says Water Supply and the other says Reset.I turned it off at the mains and left it , but it was still the same when I switched it back on. I tried the water in the hand basin and that's fine. The problem is, I don't know how to reset it. Any help welcome.The shower is a Mira Advance.TIA.


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Failure of the water supply solenoid valve is fairly common on these units- stops the water supply to the unit, and brings up the red light.
Here is a link to the manual on this unit- tells you about red light causes etc.
Lack of water pressure, or no water at all often causes this, so Rich is probably right about the solenoid.

Go to page 21 in the manual.
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Will I need a trades person to fix it for me? As a 74 yr old woman, I'm afraid I don't understand manuals.
If you can't get anywhere with the "resetting" instructions at the top of page 22, Barsel, I guess the best thing is to ring Mira.

0800 001 4040. Customer service.

Mira were always one of the best for aftersales and repairs. (At least they were before this current unpleasantness.)
I'm sure they'll be able to help you.
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Thanks for your answers. My daughter is due round today, so I'll ask her to have a read of it to see if she can work out what needs to be done. Would this be a job for an electrician or a plumber?
Could be either, Barsel. It just depends on whether they have experience of these.
Plumbers and electricians both fit showers, but not many of them repair them.
I would go for a Mira service technician.

Had you held the shower head below waist level?
From a guy who knows..

Move the temperature gauge to say #6.
Turn on electric supply to shower.
Within 30 seconds press both the start and flow buttons together.
First beep release start button, second beep release flow button.
Shower should now be on and leave it alone until it switches itself off (this could take up to 5mins).
The shower is now reset.
If you still have problems then it's circuit board trouble £££££s!!
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alavahalf that sounds like something I can manage. Will try that in the morning and if it still doesn't work, I'll phone Mira.
barry, I wasn't using it any differently than I usually do.

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Help Needed With Shower Please.

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