Pulley Clothes Line Mark 2

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allenlondon | 14:52 Mon 12th Oct 2020 | Home & Garden
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Here's what final (ish) version came out like.

Works like a dream, smooth and simple. The line will need retensioning in a week or so, I should think, as it gets stretched.

Thanks for all the input.



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Boohoo. I suggested the pulley system first without recommending a particula pulley. Stamps foot
12:26 Tue 13th Oct 2020
That will be a boon for you both Allen.
c'mon, in action!
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Bednobs, I couldn't pull the line and hold me iPad! And Mrs A is still wobbly. But it really works very smoothly.
clever! well done you!
So glad you got is sorted, must make life so much easier. I am taking a bow as it was my suggestion :D
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Yes indeed Barry.

I would have happily bought a ‘kit’, but nothing on the market, and quite possibly the bits I found will turn out stronger in the long run.
The wall pulley looks like a converted trolley castor with the tyre removed. Clever though. My sister in Canada had something similar. I recall having to strap myself to a telegraph pole, like a Linesman, on one visit to replace her clothes line.
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The wall pulley is a gym pulley for weight lifting, so should be tough enough.
Good idea.
Well done Allen. A great help for you both .
For those of you mystified as to what this is all about, to save you duplicating my search, here is the link to part 1.
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Just realised that I’m praising barry quite wrongly. What he recommended last time was an Amazon pulley which played no part in the final system!

So, thanks barry, but no cigar.

May I ask where you sourced that particular wall pulley please ?
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Sure retro.
Two parts. First, the bracket:

then choose a pulley: (5 inch max)

Good company - helpful.

Thanks very much.
Boohoo. I suggested the pulley system first without recommending a particula pulley. Stamps foot

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Pulley Clothes Line Mark 2

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