Tips Please For Moving Washing Machine.

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needawin | 11:16 Mon 28th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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Was difficult enough to move the the machine out but I have just laid new "Lino" flooring and scared to be damaging it when fitting back. Any tips please


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If there is any Lino left you could put it under the machine, slide it to roughly where you need it then put in place. If there is none left a cardboard box does the same thing.
You take the top end, get someone strong and fit to take the very heavy bottom end.
I assume needawin means pushing it back under the counter top.
You can get a set of wheels for this or one or two strong meN
Slide some cardboard under the appliance then push it under the worktop. Once in place you can remove the cardboard. Don't use spare lino as it's too sticky and will not slide .
If you had to disconnect the flexible hose, I would recommend a new one. They have a habit of not seating back properly.

During my self employed days I laid a fair few kitchen floors. I always ASKED THE CUSTOMER IF THEY COULD REMOVE THE WASHER AND THEY COULD REPLACE IT WHEN I HAD FINISHED TILING.
Sorry about the caps , pressed wrong button,lol.

That way they could not call me back if it dripped.
Also, an old piece of carpet is best to slide machine back under worktop. Cardboard tends to rip and becomes hard to remove.
I always put a piece of carpet under the appliances
if you have a smooth vinyl floor that goes under the machine then a few drops of washing up liquid on the floor will make is slide under the worktop easily. Put it on an old towel, sheet or piecd of blanket to get it across the kitchen and lined up to slide under the work top then tilt it to get the slidy thing out
I prefer cloth to carpet as its easier to get under the machine and back out again
oh pS sparkly has just reminded me, connect the hose and run the machine once so you can see if there are any leaks BEFORE you slide it under the worktop
Place a piece of carpet(pile side down) with a piece (or pieces) of hardboard, thick cardboard or even 'lino' onto the carpet; put under machine and slide over the newly laid floor......I would be inclined to wiggle the machine to make it less likely to slip off the carpet arrangement.

I hope you have a piece of carpet and wish you success. It's the way I have moved heavy cabinets, but it can be a chancy business.

My suggestion has been superseded in this thread. I started typing and finished after a telephone call interrupted my flow.

You can get wheeled trolleys to put them on. I got one when I last purchased a washing machine.
So in others words put whatever slides the best under the machine to put it back. I always connect the machine to the water supply, turn water on and leave for an hour or so before pushing it back in place.
We had a new washing machine installed recently and, as Woofgang suggests, the installers sprayed (diluted) washing up liquid on the floor. Slid in easily.
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Thanks all.

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Tips Please For Moving Washing Machine.

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