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Stargazer | 13:57 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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can any gas boiler engineers help me please. `My boiler says I C O S on the front.
When I switch it on at the wall this comes on. L F
I press reset and it changes to 3 but only for a few minutes when it returns to L. F
Any advice would be appreciated. It was installed years ago on a government grant and I can't remember the name of the installers or of the boiler make. I had it serviced last October by British Gas.


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It means different things on different boilers Star.

Look at your British Gas service sheet so you can tell us the make and model. Also, whether it's a combi.
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It is not a combi. It does not say anything relevant on the sheet left by the service engineer.
Have a look at this.. It relates to an Ideal iCOS boiler and your fault codes... L and F
Attached to the bill, you should have received a "Home Owner Gas Safety Record"

It's a sheet of paper recording address/name of owner/make & model/work done/readings.
Without that information, there's no proof as to which boiler it refers to.

Sorry I can't help Star. It's just a matter of looking up the error codes up in the manual.
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Thank you builder and alavahalf. My boiler was fitted several years ago and the government were offering a grant towards ch boilers at that time. The paperwork is somewhere in my house but I can't lay my hands on it. It only has I C O S on the front of it. Stuck to the bottom which I can't access to read is a piece of paper stuck on it.

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My Gas Boiler

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