A Hoya Bella House Plant

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Stargazer | 01:25 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know how to trick or encourage this to come into flower? I once had one for many years in my bathroom and it produced one single flower on one occasion only some years ago. I recently bought two young plants both of which have about a foot of trailing leaves times three on each plant but no flower has appeared.


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It seems they are very shy to flower, possibly 5 - 7 years.
If it is possible to increase the light levels, along with plant food, this might help.
had same problem many years ago. was told by expert gardener to stop watering and feeding. the plant then thinks its dying so comes into flower to then spread its seeds
I think it depends on the maturity of the plant...or cuttings. I bought a small established plant last summer that has flowered several times. I've heard that if buds form, the plant shouldn't be misted...not sure how true that is. I've had several buds shrivel up...:(
After they do flower...don't remove the stem (peduncle I think it's called) that the flower came from. That's where it will next flower from.
I've also got a krimson princess bought around the same time as 2 young cuttings...its grown fantastically...but no sign of flowers.
PS it worked
my hoya bella lives in a tiny cramped pot on a window sill that is desert hot in the summer. It sits on a ring cut from a yoghurt pot in a bigger cache pot so it has made water roots outside of the pot to the bottom of the cache pot. I add water around once a month in summer, around once every six or so weeks in winter and weak fertiliser every time. It flowers continously pretty much from May to end of August or a bit later if its a sunny autumn. only downside is I HATE the smell of the flowers
The flowers are supposed to smell lovely...I can't smell mine.
pasta mine smells like the kind of cheap knock off perfume you buy on a market stall....mind you I can't stand the smell of sweet peas either and that is supposed to be lovely.
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Thank you all for your answers

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A Hoya Bella House Plant

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