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auzzie | 13:47 Mon 14th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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I have bought a house that is all electric. The heating is Economy 7 radiators which are as old as the house (30 Years Plus) and they are the ugliest thing on the planet. Some rads work some don't. it's a tiny, one bed, hobbit house and these stick out like a sore thumb. Water heating is on emersion. I really want to get rid of the old economy 7, as it would not be beneficial for me. I actually don't want that big emersion bolier either astaking that out would leave me valuable cupboard space. I need instant heat and water. I'm totally confused about whether Renewable Energy would be any good. I've read good and bad reviews about them. Any one else upgraded their all electric house, if so, what to and are you happy with it?? I apparently have gas to the property but not connected, no meter etc. Would it be best to get a quote for that? Any help would be appreciated.


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If you got gas then you could get a combii boiler no need for a tank as heat heats as it comes in to the house.
Also check and see if there are any grants available for green energy upgrade
I live in an all-electric house Auzz. It works largely because I have massive levels of insulation, triple-glazing etc.
Not easy (or cheap) to fit in your case. As for renewables... I fitted an air-source heat pump with underfloor heating.
Again, not easily done with yours. (Also, the AS heat pump is quite expensive initially to buy.)

Do get rid of the storage heaters and consider modern replacements. These are individually controlled, and, of course, are quick to respond.
Some feature a small measure of "storage" which quickly releases heat while the heating elements crank themselves up.
"Dimplex" are worth looking at. Also, several German makes (they are widely used in Germany and Scandinavia.)
I'd advise a bit of good old Googling ("electric heaters")
Here's just one example......

Don't expect them to be cheap, but, you won't need very many, and you won't have to do it again ;o)
They run off a normal socket if necessary.

It is tempting to have your gas connected. A small "Combination" boiler would give you instant hot water, and run several rads. However, installation is disruptive and costly overall.

Google the electric heaters and do your sums. Then compare to a quote from your friendly local heating installer for a gas system.
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Thank you Martin- I will check about the grants
Builder- I have googled air source heat pumps but it's a lot of money for such a small property. Insulation is fine, i have only one outside wall and it is double glazed. It retains heat very well, too well. It's very hot and uncomfortable to sleep at night. I'm south facing, so gets the sun all day. I have yet to be cold enough to require any heat at all. It will be interesting to see when and how much heat will be required. I have borrowed an oil heater for if / or when i need it. At least the modern rads are better looking!

Thanks for your info both, much appreciated
About the hot water. Do you have a bath? Is your washing machine and / or dishwasher cold fill only?

I am wondering if those boiling taps would suit your needs if you don't need hot water for baths or the washing machine. You would need two - one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. No idea how they would work if you needed to fill, say, a mop bucket with hot water, though, nor how economical they are to run

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