Fully Residential Caravan Parks.

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EEZABLADE32 | 11:44 Fri 04th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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Hi, anyone know of the above where I can buy or park a Static Caravan BS3262 specified model. This would be for my MAIN residence.
I've tried various sites but don't get an answer to whether I can use it as a home. Therefore, Caravan or Holiday Parks can't fit the bill.



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are you searching for residential park home sites? different wording will give you different results.

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I've looked at plenty of Park Homes but I am more interested in a Residential specified static caravan to live in permanently. I could save about £30000 this way.
Are you wanting to live in a specific caravan in any location.. My first thought would have been find a location first and then find a caravan. As it is going to be a static unit, you won't be towing it around yourself, it will need to be delivered on a lorry.
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Yes I have. But once again I need to reiterate it's a caravan I'm after not a Park Home. Thx anyway.
There are some caravan related forums out there, you’d probably have better luck asking on one of them.
round here static caravans ARE park homes. What do you see as the difference?
That's what is confusing me, woofgang
dunno about you but I am easily confused these days :)
Static caravans aren’t park homes.
A static caravan is the actual physical caravan, some are residential spec meaning they’re fully insulated, etc., and are suitable for living in all year round. Most aren’t, and are mainly used on holiday parks during the warmer months.
A ‘park home site’ is a residential site which has a completely different licence from a holiday site.
You can live on a residential site, you can’t live on a holiday site. On a holiday site you need to prove you have a permanent address somewhere else.
I think park Homes look more like bungalows whereas a static caravan looks like a caravan. This is a park home.
Residential sites, usually but not always, want you to buy a home that is for sale on their site. Not buy one to put on their site.
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Thx for all the replies. Still haven't found any sites which will take a Residential Static caravan as a permanent home. Keep hearing there are some about but unable to find any. Just have to keep searching.
Maybe the next time you hear about them you could ask whoever is speaking at the time for directions.

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Fully Residential Caravan Parks.

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