Winter Storage For Garden Furniture Cushions ?

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MattA777 | 05:37 Fri 04th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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Undecided on the best method of preventing mould etc....Suggestions please...


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Dry clean and put in plastic bags.
and then bury them, putting a stake in the ground above them to remind you where they are.
wood ? treat with a good lick of ronseal...and cover with a heavy duty propriety cover..plenty on AMAZON/EBAY
lol..sorry cushions ? didn't see that bit..detach and vacuum somewhere dry
indoors under the bed?
Make sure they are absolutely dry before putting in plastic bags. I keep mine in the loft, inside old duvet covers.
Buy a humidity gauge, store the cushions where the humidity is never above 55%. Unfortunately, this rules out a large proportion of UK homes and the whole of the UK outdoors, so you will just have to hope.
We have two large Keter storage units that keep thinks like cushions and loungers perfectly dry
Shove 'em behind the sofa ?
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Thank you all for your input- I am drawn to the vacuum bag idea....
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