Has Anyone Heard Of Pcc Ltd, Re Underground Electricity Cables ?

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CW1 | 14:44 Wed 19th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Have had a letter from PCC Ltd stating that the company who own & operate the underground cables at my house (don't know who that would be - SEB ?) should have an agreement with me & "be making you a payment for allowing the cables to remain".
"We have agreed a process with the electricity company to rectify this on behalf of home owners who don't have an existing agreement."

The letter goes on ... basically they say the electricity company will pay me what looks like a fixed fee for a 15 year rent during which time they take responsibility for the existence of the cables, including maintaining it to a satisfactory standard.

PCC aren't asking for any money, saying they receive an admin fee from the electricity company for each agreement they receive.

I've owned the house since it was built & have never had any communication about underground lines before. There is a phone number but obviously I don't know who that actually connects to, so not sure what to do.


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If the send you a cheque, then happy days. There's no way on earth they'll be getting my bank details for payment though.
If this were true your electricity supplier would have contacted you. Bin it.
A quick Google shows that the PCC is property compensation claims. They are a claims company, and I suggest you take a massive swerve away from them.
It's a bit like the old PPI claims business of recent years CW.
They know there are many thousands of wayleave agreements out there that are effectively dormant.

Wayleaves allow for payments to you for such things as poles in your garden etc.
These people go scratching around for any dormant agreements.

If in doubt, just ring the Wayleave dept of your electricity supplier and ask them to check your records.
Same goes for BT, Cable etc.
N.B. That's your Network Supplier (eg Western Power).
Not the ones you pay the bills to.
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The Builder, I wouldn't know who the Network Supplier is. Guessing SEB as would've been over 30 years ago ! I'll try calling them sometime.

Thanks Mamyalynne, very useful. Looks like it's quite a recent thing then. Hopkirk, I did look at Google, seemed all police orientated, p'raps I wasn't patient enough to keep scrolling ;)
I think it's a scam.

Have you been sent a formal Wayleaf Agreement for signature.? Or perhaps you have been asked for your Bank details for money to be transferred to your account.

A good move at this stage would be to progress as suggested above, by our friend The Builder.


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HansUrbancka, There is a form to fill in (I don't actually live there at the moment, the tenant e-mailed me the letter but not the form) & my 1st thought was "scam" but then wondered what they'd actually gain. The link Mamyalynne gave suggested the electricity supplier sends a cheque so possibly not bank details.

Tried to call SSEN but couldn't *keep* waiting (especially as I don't know if it's them I should even be contacting !), will maybe fill in one of their Ask Us A Question forms.
It will say on the electric bill who the network supplier is.
You can find out who your electricity distribution company is simply by hovering your mouse over your location on the map here:
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Perfect Buenchico, now confirmed as SSEN, thanks (I don't pay the bill Tuvok, & been in & out all day so no chance to ask the tenant) :)

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Has Anyone Heard Of Pcc Ltd, Re Underground Electricity Cables ?

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