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andy-hughes | 20:33 Mon 10th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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I have bought a new garden hose, which does not fit onto my outside tap.

The tap is probably twenty years old, and has a screw thread on it.

I know I can get an adaptor, but I have Googled it, and the variety of types is bewildering!

A lot of them seen keen to give me an adaptor that will fit on a kitchen tap, but as I say, my outside tap has a thread on it.

Any advice appreciated - thanks.


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what is the new connection like? is it a clip type one?
Plenty of them this is Hozelock who can supply snap on/off connectivity or you can even get a brass threaded hose connector that will accept the hose with a jubilee clip. Tip.....when you fit the hose to whatever connector warm the hose up first until it is soft. User Recommendation
If the new hose comes with female snap-on connectors and the tap is only 20 years old then a 3/4" / 1/2" tap connector, as shown in Togo's link, will probably fit. There are cheaper alternatives to the Hozelock branded one though (I've even seen them for sale in Tesco's):

My garden tap, being more like 40 years old, actually has a 5/8" BSP thread, but luckily I found that the Hozelock inlet adaptor fits:
I found one in my local garden centre.
Or how about this from Amazon? User Recommendation
Sounds like you need to get one or more from a local centre that will allow you to return non-fitting adapters.
Or... you could replace the tap. Maybe take the old (present) one from shop to shop to find out what thread it is.
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Thanks for all the advice folks.

A friend who is far more practical that I am discovered that one of the brass fittings unscrews one section from another, revealing another fitting that fits the connection I have.

Note to manufacturer - placing the end of a fitting inside another fitting which can be unscrewed is probably second nature to you, because you make the things, but why not try advising your customers, for whom such obvious connections (!) are anything but obvious.

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