Growing Vegetables Indoors In Autumn /Winter

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eve1974 | 20:15 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Hi will it be possible to grow some veg indoors over autumn / winter. Ones that will “produce” during those months. I have a lovely sunny kitchen and thought about growing some things that will look pretty and are edible at the same time. I’d prefer ones that will climb / hang.
Advice appreciated


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See here
and here

Then google 'RHS', together with the name of the vegetable that interests you, for more information about when best to plant or sow for an autumn/winter harvest. (The information shown in those links relates primarily to growing outdoors but it should be easily adaptable to growing indoors too).

This might also help:
If you really want to grow 'out of season' then a tent and LED lights will do it, sort of. I'm still ecperimenting but a modicum of success.

Let us know how you get on.
Microgreens, all year round but with a full spectrum light you might keep peppers and tomatoes cropping the winter.
Mini salad leaves are easy, some you can pick and they come again.
Oakleaf lettuce is good to go.

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Growing Vegetables Indoors In Autumn /Winter

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