What Can I Use To Hang A Tile Wall Plaque To An Outside Wall Without Having To Drill The Wall

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Galaxy1965 | 17:09 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone have any idea how I can hang a tile wall plaque to an outside wall without having to drill the wall? Thanks in advance.


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Gorilla glue.
No more nails.

Something like those.
What's the surface of the outside wall?

Think you mean 'No Nails', Ummmm ;-))

If I was still with the ex, I could have sent you some of her gravy, Galaxy. Would have had the plaque still hanging there long after the house has been demolished:-)
That's the one, Ken :-)
I once did this with EvoStik. That was 56 years ago, and the plaque is still there.
You can buy a tub of waterproof tile adhesive from Wickes for a fiver; that should work.
Have you heard of mastic ? My Dad used this a lot and it was good stuff.
There is a product called No More Nails and that would work on it but make sure you get the Exterior one. Many of these glues have an interior and exterior version.
I stand corrected, Ummm. There is both No Nails and No More Nails :-/
Just one thing, Galaxy... if the wall has loose flaky paint on it, scratch it off well first.
can I add that it depends what the plaque is made from and how much you treasure it? If you treasure it, I would drill, any glue is always a risk.

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What Can I Use To Hang A Tile Wall Plaque To An Outside Wall Without Having To Drill The Wall

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