Sad Runners!

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Cetti | 20:59 Fri 07th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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I've planted 5 Lady Di runner beans in a very large pot, but as yet there are no flowers and the leaves are very pale green. As it was late in the season garden centres sold out of plants , so these came from Ebay. Should I keep watering and hope, or give up and try again next year, this time from seed? Thanks for any advice.


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I’ve grown the very same variety this year and I’m sad to say that if there are no flowers by now, it’s unlikely you’ll have any at all.

With their pale leaves and lack of flower they sound a bit under nourished, so unless you need the pot for something else, you could try some tomato feed. Feed once a week just to give them one last chance, but mine are producing a good crop of beans now and it does feel very late to expect recovery.
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Thank you, Maydup, for your answer. I had hoped for better news, but even though I have been using a tomato feed, maybe it's time to realize my longed for beans is not going to happen this year!

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Sad Runners!

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