Squeaky Swinging Seat

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sherrardk | 21:12 Fri 07th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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What product (preferably available from Amazon) can I put on a squeaky swinging seats - it’s the metal coils that attach the seat bit to the frame that are squeaking? Thank you


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Before you go ordering anything.. If you have some Vaseline, just smear a bit on between the links!
If that does not work - WD40 available at Amazon.
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Ohhh, we’ve got some Vaseline somewhere - I’ll goo and have a look for it. Thank you both.
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Apparently, I’ve made up the part about us having Vaseline :(
Just a thought, sherr. Do you have any silicone based furniture polish ( Mr Sheen or such like ) if you do then give the coils a good spray with that ( Vasaline would be better though ).
Have spent all my working life with locks, plumbing and maintenance. In each of my tool boxes you will find a jar of Vaseline. I am not hoping it will works for you .. I know it will.
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Found some WD40 but it doesn’t spray - have ordered some Vaseline (delivery tomorrow). Can’t have a squeaky seat when it’s being used for hedgehog watching :)

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Squeaky Swinging Seat

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