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jesmond | 06:07 Tue 04th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Current one is getting on a bit so after new one, it has been a great one with excellent power etc, its an upright 1900w so want something as powerful but am struggling to find anything as most done come near the 1900w, so my question is although it says its an 1900w does it actually go off the motor function or something else and i do understand that since i bought mine 14 years ago that they are probably going to be more efficient, tia


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1900 watts doesn't tell you how good it is at cleaning - just how much power it consumes.
1900 watts is v high power. EU regs in 2017 reduced the max power allowable on new machines from 1600 to 900 watts. Lower power vacs can clean as well as higher powered ones. Look at reviews of machine you might be interested in.

PS. I know we aint in the EU now!

PPS. If your current vac works OK why change?
If I wanted to buy a new vac. now (and didn't want to waste my money or rely on purely subjective opinions on here), I'd seek out the latest Which? test results (local library, perhaps) and see which corded or cordless models perform the best.....and don't be surprised at the prices. All the best performers are pricey!
Too many choices. Before you even start looking decide if you want corded or cordless. Do you want one that 'converts' to a handheld? Must it be light? Must it cope with stairs? Pet hair?

It never used to be so complicated. I prefer a corded because batteries fail and are expensive to replace. The Henry still gets good reviews, is cheap and made in UK
A 900watt machine will be as good or even better than a 14yr old 1900watt vacuum cleaner. However, don't think that the higher the price it must be better. There are corded uprights for less than a £100 that are fully A rated. I know, I have one that is a really superb Hoover on all surfaces.


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Yes it does still work but it has started to develop problems but is affecting its efficiency in cleaning but at least now i know that if i buy one that saws 850w or possibly less then its still and maybe just as good as this has been
Don't be shy, Hans, tell us which vacuum cleaner you are using
We bought a cordless Dyson for our small flat, and think it’s marvellous.

No more getting the big unwieldy Vax out of the cupboard, all cables and tubes getting in the way. Instead, take the Dyson from its wallsocket, use it, put it back.

Money well spent.
G'morning Henry, oops, sorry , correct please to Barry. ^^^

I did try to drop a hint without any advertising.... "superb Hoover on all surfaces".

For the record I have.......Hoover PU71 PU01001 PurePower Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 4.2 L, 700 W - White. (75.99 incl p&p.)

The present day model appears to be :- User Recommendation

Cheers...Hoover, I mean Hans.
And now we know :) Do you buy the genuine bags or the cheaper ones?
I have always found cheap bags as good as the genuine ones.

I don't think the latest ones are good - I have bought 3 in the last 2 years - that last one is banished upstairs as it weighed over one stone. This is what I have bought and it has done the trick. The fact that it sucks quite well on the wooden floor has pleased me enough.

This is the link User Recommendation
The electrical safety standard covering household products (EN 60335) specifies requirements on apparatus power ratings. There is no negative deviation limit for motorized product power ratings, such that a manufacturer of a 100W motor product could rate it at 1000W.

This led to vacuum cleaner manufacturer’s ever increasing the power rating of their products, knowing that consumers were influenced by this figure. So I would be very surprised if a vacuum cleaner rated at 1900W drew anywhere near this power level.
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Would never consider a dyson, overpriced overrated and downnright sh**, plus i would never want the man who moved his business abroad to get a penny out of me, end of rant. Ended up with a vax air stretch, happy and its easy and fab to use
Vax is owned by a Hong Kong investment holding company and the cleaners are manufactured in China so I don't get your point about Dyson being made abroad.
For a kick in the teeth, Vax paid Richard Dyson £75k in 1990 to develop an upright vacuum cleaner and in 1991 he left the company to set up the Dyson brand. Not bad for a year's work.

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Buying A New Vacumn Cleaner

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