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jennyjoan | 06:50 Mon 03rd Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Can anything be done with the toilet flush strength - it was never great but it is getting worse.


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Check if the cistern is filling to the correct level. Your ballcock may need tinkering with.
I had this problem 2 weeks ago, I called in my usual plumber. The cistern is the push button type with plastic tubing inside. It turned out it was a tiny split in the plastic which had gradually got worse hence the flushing worse. He replaced the tube and luckily all well again.
The answer would depend entirely upon what kind of cistern and flush mechanism you have.. a picture ..'looking inside the cistern' .. would save you getting a load of info that isn't relevant to your situation.
"This will more than halve your toilet’s water consumption when compared to the wasteful valves of old."

That's not right! If you have some full flushes & some half flushes the water usage must be more than half what it was with all full flushes.
Dave, do the math. You take a whiz far more often than a " full meal deal".

Mount the cistern higher, get a bigger one, take the brick back out of it ?
"Dave, do the math. You take a whiz far more often than a " full meal deal"."

My maths is fine thanks, suggest you check yours!
The simplest/most straight forward approach is probably to replace the flush mechanism. This may be a bit of a detective task to establish which replacement will fit. For reasons of tradition, the best systems are mostly unavailable in the UK but if you find any that are not based on syphon action then see if it will fit.
//Dave, do the math. You take a whiz far more often than a " full meal deal".//

Provided the cistern size remains the same (though somewhere it mentions 6 litres as a full flush which is hopelessly inadequate) then Dave is correct. If the same number of flushes are performed, some at half and some at full capacity it cannot reduce the water requirement to less than half. It’s probably because Dave employs more than one “Math” in his calculations that he is able to come up with the correct answers.

“The common household toilet is one of the main offenders when it comes to water wastage.”

Incorrect. By far and away the biggest offenders when it comes to water wastage are the water suppliers, some of whom lose up to a third of their product through leaks.
The way to save water is not to flush just pee.

If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down!

Not everyone's cup of tea.
The key phrase was:
// when compared to the wasteful valves of old. //

A small spreadsheet to make it easy for you.
1st column - old style.
2nd column - new dual flush.
3rd column - full flush.

Wastage by the water company is a concern but nothing you can do about it.
What matters is the metered amount used by your household.

Actually the key phrase is..
'Toilet Flush'..
Very much doubt that all the maths and spreadsheets in the world are going to help Jenny increase her water flow from her cistern.
How true.

Statistics can prove almost anything - AZardoz's table quotes 15 litres as a start point. My loo is about 20 years old & the cistern measures 9 litres.
davebro's initial response is the most likely and cheapest solution.

If you do need to replace the flush mechanism, any replacement will be dual-flush, however old your system.
Never mind.
Just ask one of your local experts on such matters, like NJ.

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