Any Window (The Double Glazed Sort) Experts Here?

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barry1010 | 16:52 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Home & Garden
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Is it possible to change the orientation of the openings in double glazed units that have been installed for some years? My windows currently open like a door, I now want them to open at the bottom.


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You do get ones where they can open both ways (not at the same time obviously!)
I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but do you mean that you want the hinges to be moved from the vertical side to the top edge? I've had a look on the internet, and I can't find anything about changing the hinge position of existing windows. You might have to end up with new window frames.
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Tuvok, my bathroom window is that sort
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Thanks, bookbinder. I think I'll have to ring round a few companies tomorrow and see what can be done. It's just that the wind catches them as they are now and it is far too easy for burglar bill to sneak in
Assuming you have uPVC windows Barry, you probably have "side-hung reflex friction hinges."
That is .... scissors type hinges that keep the sash open without a stay (friction).
(Reflex means that the side of the sash slides to one side as you open it .)
Replace them with these............

(The link is for top-hung. Just turn them upside down for bottom hung.)

Same thing applies even if you have traditional timber windows.
The trouble with uPVC is you have to get your screws into the uPVC. It can be done.
Double glazing is not significant, type of frame and sash mechanism are. If the windows are of PVC profile then the likely answer No, the only way is to replace the sash part - the frame(s) should be fine. In that case you will very possibly have a job finding anyone willing to do the limited alteration rather than replace everything (loadsamonnee).
The Builder points to the simplest possibility, if it will fly.....
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Thanks all

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Any Window (The Double Glazed Sort) Experts Here?

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