Do double glazing companies have January sales?

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DiscoStu | 19:54 Sun 27th Nov 2005 | Home & Garden
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I'm really in need of double glazing for my entire house, and have managed to release equity to pay for it by remortgaging. This money should come in in just over a week, but is it worth my while waiting til January? Do double glazing companies tend to have January sales, like the High Street does? There could be a considerable saving if they do, but it's a new area to me. Anyone out there have any ideas?


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In my experience, most double glazing companies offer discounts. To save a large amount of money you really need to do your homework. I would suggest you get quotes from as many companies as you can. Make it clear on the phone and to the salesperson that you WILL NOT place an order with them until you have other quotes and are satisfied that theirs is the best value for money.

Alternatively and probably the best way is to have a look at neighbouring houses and find the windows you like, then ask the homeowner where they are from and are they happy with the product. A customer is a lot more honest than a salesperson. People tend to be only too happy to advise you and WILL tell you of any down sides (bad workmanship, over priced, pushy reps, after sales service etc)

Have a word with a local joiner too, I was recommended one and had solid wooden frames for about the same price as plastic, all depends on what you prefer.


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I have already done all the leg work, and worked out who offers the best product based on price. I have narrowed it down to 2 companies. I've been through all the crap that traditionally comes with enquiring about double glazing (ie having to chuck out salesmen), but given my shortlist, all I want to know is do double glazing companies do January sales?!! I have a pretty good idea who it is I'm going to go with, but just want to know if I should just wait those five more weeks before ordering? That's all!

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Do double glazing companies have January sales?

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