Do double glazing companies have January sales?

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DiscoStu | 19:53 Sun 27th Nov 2005 | Home & Garden
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I'm really in need of double glazing for my entire house, and have managed to release equity to pay for it by remortgaging. This money should come in in just over a week, but is it worth my while waiting til January? Do double glazing companies tend to have January sales, like the High Street does? There could be a considerable saving if they do, but it's a new area to me. Anyone out there got any idea?


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When the salesman comes around, he will quote you a price four times as high as he is willing to accept - therefore if he says �8,000 for the job you can bet he will take �2,000 - after ringing his boss, giving you the discount, etc. etc. Always say you will think about it and never sign for anything until you have thought about it -- let him leave and contact them again in a few days -- let them sweat and they will definitely bring the price down. There is not much work out there at the moment and they will be glad of the business. Don't let them talk you into anything on the same day and make sure he doesn't stay too long. They have permanent sales, as you will find out ! You must haggle. Always try to be recommended as well, don't just take pot luck out of the local paper. Don't know whether I can say the company we used, perhaps someone will let me know.
Just queried on AB, if I can let you know who we used and apparently I can, they were Cosy Homes in Chessington Surrey. Did a very good job and not overpriced.
Don't know whether you can wait, but some companies have double glazing 'sales' during summer - it's only in winter people realise they need it, so the prices can go up...
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Thank you all for responding to my original question, but I think you may have gotten the wrong idea.

I have already shopped around for quotes, and I am not the sort of person to fall for sales patter. I made the mistake of calling Weatherseal first, and they sent a salesman round the same day to give me a 'quote', as requested. An hour and a half of spiel later, I had to ask him to leave my house.

I've been round the other reputable glazing firms in my area, who were all more than happy to give me a provisional quote which, given the Weatherseal technique, equalled Weatherseal's lowest figure. I know the 'real' ball park figure that my window and doors will really cost, and it's a figure that I'm ok with, but what I really want to know is, at this time of year, do glazing companies have sales, and therefore, should I hang on for another month?

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Do double glazing companies have January sales?

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