Garden Weed Killer And Adjacent Trees....

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MattA777 | 17:52 Sat 04th Jul 2020 | Home & Garden
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I have a vigorous ivy which has been majorly cut back and I have a weed killer to treat the remaining stump. I am concerned though about using the solution as I have a young but established Apple Tree with a surface distance from the ivy of around five feet. I would only guess that both plants have roots possibly entwining. Would it therefore be unwise to carry out my planned action?

Thanking any members in advance of your reply....


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I wouldn't do it again Matt. I killed my beloved Acer through misjudging the space. Like you, I think the roots were intertwined. Up to you though if you want to risk it of course. Good luck.
Just cut the stump, as near as you can to the ground, and leave it. It will die off, eventually.
cut the stump close to the ground as tilly says and then if you want it gone, hire a stump grinder.
What I've done in the past, not with Ivy but tree stumps is to drill a few 13mm holes and pour appropriate poison into them.
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Thank you guys!
-TonyV, I have prior to posting this question drilled a 15 to 16mm hole in the ivy stump- (which is a multiple thick stump)
With the intention of either using the weed treatment OR rock salt which someone suggested? I’m really not sure- I’m thinking to try the salt as that might be a milder option less likely to damage the apple tree. The ivy is one of four I planted about 10/11 years ago at my regret!
Matt if you treat from above ground level, whatever you use will have no affect on your Apple tree, IMO salt will have little effect, use a stump chemical.
//...use a stump chemical.//

Or Jeyes Fluid.
NJ that's a good alternative.
I think it would be wise to cover the stump with polythene to stop the rain washing away the treated stump, alternatively plug the holes with clay.
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Did the deed on two ivy’s today (after apologising to them)
I will post any obvious results in here.
What did end up using?
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TonyV, I used “Tree Stump Killer”.....that’s what’s on the packet containing 3 sachets. I bored about 5 holes in one ivy plant and 4 in the other. Poured in the solution and stuffed cotton pads in each one- impregnating with more solution and poked the pads all the way in with a screwdriver. Not sure how long I need to wait for results-if any. I’m guessing too that it depends on how the weather develops.
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Day4/5 after treatment..........Zilch, nahdah, - Young growth not even wilting. Seems to be laughing at the Stump Killer (and me) or am I just too impatient? Actually thinking about getting my grinder out to wrestle it to the ground!

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Garden Weed Killer And Adjacent Trees....

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