Dents Left In Carpet By Furniture

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genie123 | 16:25 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Home & Garden
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Anyone have any ideas about how to do away with dents left in carpet by future. Thanks.


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Ice cubes in the dent, when dry a stiff brush to raise the pile.
Try using a damp cloth and a towel. May work, depending on how long the furniture has been in place.
From the Grauniad:

Youtube is also packed with potentially helpful videos. Just search for 'dents in carpet'.
Sorry, should read, "damp cloth and a hot iron."
Get a blunt knife and just scratch at the indentation until you raise the pile. It will be the best part of the carpet because it has always been protected by the furniture stood on top of it !
The ice cube method has always worked for me and it's minimal effort
We try to regularly move heavy items just that little bit and thus move the dents around. Each time we simply pluck the pile up, sometimes repeatedly over a period of some days, using any convenient (but not sharp) item. A knitting needle, kebab skewer or whatever are all useful and have been used. We find that after a fairly short time the patch has recovered - this is all on a woollen carpet with an underlay, synthetics may develop a longer lasting "set". The underlay appears to recover also, although we have not lifted the carpet to look.
We don’t move our furniture around so the only time this would be an issue is if we moved house.
I don’t understand why anyone would move their furniture around regularly and have to keep removing the dents??
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Lots of interesting answers, thanks. I will certainly try the ice cube method.
I seem to recall ice cubes left in the dent work.
How odd! There were no answers here. And now I see there are lots hours ago.

Must type MUCH faster.
Or drink less, BM ;-)
Lol Zacs. Fair point.
He he. Had a couple of G&Ts meself dear.

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Dents Left In Carpet By Furniture

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