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tooj | 12:54 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Home & Garden
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Every time we turn our cold water tap off there is a loud bang apparantly from all our taps.
We have got used to this but have just found out that the washing machine does this all the
time it is working and we are now getting worried.
The problem is we are both in our eighties and wonder whether we need a plumber and whether
if we can get one we will be safe asking one to come in. Any advise would be welcome. Thankyou.


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Sounds like water hammer. I'm no expert, but it happens all the time with my washing machine. You can prevent/alleviate it when using cold taps by turning them off very slowly, but washing machine valves act more quickly. I've had it for years and no damage has resulted. We do have some experts in Answerbank who can give a professional opinion (e.g. Builder) so hopefully one will be along with a more reassuring answer shortly.
This is an old favourite, tooj.
Water hammer.

Any valve/tap/washing machine inlet valve can cause this. nothing wrong. They just shut off rather abruptly, so if the water pressure is on the high side, it results in a percussive effect in the pipework.
Fit one of these..........

It is a simple DIY job, but needs a bit of experience. I would suggest a local friendly plumber or handyman.
Thanks Builder.
Ha... thanks Canary.
Seems like a job for you too ;o)
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thanks both. its good to know it doesn't cause damage. It bangs when the washing machine is not on, so I can't help wandering where the
Hammer arrester has to be fitted?
Anywhere on the cold water (mains) circuit tooj.

Under the kitchen sink is the usual place, but anywhere will work.

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